Interested in becoming a reseller? I am happy to help you select the best reseller option for your personal situation.




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Become a Harmonious Hosting Reseller and get:

  • FREE Deluxe Webhosting, suitable for hosting multiple websites
  • FREE Email Marketing
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • FREE Turnkey reseller store, similar to shop.HarmoniousHosting.com
  • Great pricing when you buy from your own store

Plus, select the products you want to sell and set your own prices to earn a comission when somebody orders through your store.

Harmonious Hosting
Basic Reseller
$59.99 per year!
Harmonious Hosting
Pro Reseller
$159.99 per year!


Why be a reseller?

The old saying “if you build it, they will come” does not apply here. Competition is tough. I can only recommend becoming a reseller if
A. It will somehow enhance what you already have to offer,
B. You have a good following of people who will want to buy from  you simply because they like you or want to support your cause, or
C. You have time to invest in learning about and marketing your new business venture

That said, if ANY of the above apply to you this program can be a great deal! The free deluxe webhosting alone is worth more than the cost of a basic reseller account.*

* Note to self – double-check that free hosting is still offered


The main difference between the Basic Reseller plan and the Pro Reseller Plan is cost: The price to sign up, the price you can buy items at, and the minimum price you can sell for. Prices for certain items may be the same between plans, but in general being a Pro reseller is more profitable.

A basic reseller can buy a .com domain name for $9.59 per year and Economy webhosting for $3.35 per month. They can sell a .com domain name for as low as $10.49 per year and Economy webhosting for as low as $3.99 per month.

A pro reseller can buy a .com domain name for $8.29 per year and Economy webhosting for $3.15 per month. They can sell a .com domain name for as low as $8.99 per year and Economy webhosting for as low as $3.99 per month.

I personally have a Pro reseller account at shop.harmonioushosting.com where I sell .com domain names for $11.99 per year. Why such a high markup? Because “the big guys” often charge $15 – $35 to renew domain names. $11.99 per month seems to be a nice balance between giving my clients a good deal and making back the over $175 per year that I pay to be a reseller. (Yes, I charge you less for your plan than I pay to keep mine! I hope this will help you quickly get into the profit-making zone.)

* Prices current as of 4/10/2015. Additional fees may apply, including an ICANN fee on specific domain names and a payment processing fee for all orders.

Which plan should I choose?

Which scenario is the closest match to you?

Scenario #1 – I am a student who recently learned about website publishing. I don’t have much money to invest and I am not really sure if this whole “reseller” business is for me. But it does sound interesting and I want to give it a try.

Suggestion #1 – The Basic Reseller Plan is a low-cost way to learn more about being a reseller. You get access to most of the tools a “Pro Reseller” would have, but you will not get to enjoy the best buy and sale rates. – You can always upgrade to the Pro plan once you have decided that you want to stick with it.

Scenario #2 – I am an experienced webmaster, in charge of several websites. I am interested in becoming a reseller for multiple reasons: It will be easier to trouble-shoot when my clients are on the same system. I want my customers to enjoy 24/7 technical support, even when I am unavailable. And it will be nice to have a little residual income to help me get through the slow seasons.

Answer #2 – If several of your clients will be willing to switch over, or if you want to offer highly competitive rates to attract new customers, I suggest going straight for the Pro Reseller package.

Scenario #3 – I am in digital marketing, graphic design, or a general technical support person. I have technical influence in multiple companies, or over multiple people who are interested in starting a website or an email marketing campaign. Being a reseller will be a nice way to get a recurring commission on the referrals I make, and an easy way to expand my brand.

Answer #3 – It sounds like you might be a bit of a social butterfly. If you have the money and enough people listen to your advice I would go straight for the Pro Reseller Package. Don’t forget to have your own marketing material (business cards or flyers) handy for those times you randomly run into someone interested in starting their own website!

Scenario #4 – I am just looking for an easy way to make money from home. What could be easier than a website that runs itself?

Answer #4 – You are right. There isn’t much easier than a website that runs itself. However, there is a lot of competition out there. You are not likely to make a profit unless you really work at it.

If being a reseller still sounds interesting to you, I suggest you start with the Basic Reseller Package. For what breaks down to less than $2 per week you can get familiar with the system and start building your own websites!

Scenario #5 – I just want a cheaper way to maintain my own websites.

Answer #5 – How many websites do you run? And do they all need their own cPanel or should they be on shared hosting?

Here is an example of a setup where the Pro reseller account would be a better deal – 15 websites each with their own: .com domain name, Economy webhosting package, 5 Unlimited email accounts, and SSL certificate.